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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are available in person or on the phone for local clients, or by phone or Skype for out-of-state clients. We meet with a client and, if desired,  his or her family, to learn about the individual’s medical issues and health goals, to hear about personal values and preferences that may be important in designing a whole health plan, and to determine the degree of coaching and/or direct advocacy help that the individual and his/her family is seeking.

We are whole person oriented—and want to help make certain that, regardless of diagnosis; the best possible outcomes are achieved, with special consideration for quality of life.

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  • Toolkit Overviews
  • Research Resources
  • Publications and articles about common medical challenges and solutions
  • Testimonials from patients and caregivers whom we’ve helped
  • The Active Patient Advantage: a blog with the latest from the frontlines of medicine, science and technology, patient care and advocacy
  • “Top Tips” for navigating today’s health systems: Free Downloads to keep you healthy and safe.

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When I called on CJ to help me manage my 95-year-old mother’s diagnosis with metastatic melanoma, she guided us to define the outcome we wanted, and then pulled all the pieces together....
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