I can rave for hours about CJ, and will be forever grateful to a friend for the introduction.  My cousin in Brazil had advanced ovarian cancer but no access to an ovarian cancer specialist.  Through her extensive network of professionals, CJ brought in two top notch ovarian oncologists to consult, as well as a leading molecular biologist; she connected us to a foundation that paid for new genomic tests, done in the US.  CJ coordinated all of this over time and distance, cultures and languages. She is beyond knowledgeable and professional, uniquely able to juggle multiple tasks and personalities during this stressful time; she is compassionate and cares deeply for her clients and their families.  Without her, we would not have been able to access the oncological care that we needed.  CJ is priceless.  Fran L

Newly diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer, my brother had limited experience with the medical establishment, no nearby support system, and an extended family that was hundreds of miles away. CJ stepped in to identify and explain his options, find the best medical center for his treatment, and participate in his appointments by phone. Also, in putting together his longitudinal health history, she discovered other medical issues that needed to be addressed. CJ was always careful to support and preserve my brother’s decision-making about best treatment choices, yet opened up a world of options that he would never have considered, much less been willing to try.    Linda L.

When our friend called us in distress over the care he was receiving for his terminal cancer, we did not know how to help him—he was 800 miles away.  We called CJ for her advice.   She promptly got in touch with our friend and his health care providers; she was able to reorganize his care, investigate and provide options, deal with some difficult personalities and eventually plan a new reliable and agreeable care strategy.  This reduced his stress and pain, and provided the optimal solution for all concerned.  He was very grateful for CJ’s initiatives.  Additionally, she was able to accomplish all this over the telephone under circumstances where people often do not return calls or may not be coherent.  CJ’s knowledge, experience and insights in healthcare are incredible. We recommend her highly.  Jim and Cathi T  

When I called on CJ to help me manage my 95-year-old mother’s diagnosis with metastatic melanoma, she guided us to define the outcome we wanted, and then pulled all the pieces together — doctors, genomic research, medications, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and guided imagery, sleep and stress reduction, home help, transport, family and friends — in a holistic plan that has given Mom her best chance of recovery and quality of life, and has given me peace of mind. Not having to research the options and make the links myself has taken a huge load off my shoulders – I have slept better and had more joy and energy, which I’m sure has been good for my health too. BdeZ

When I was faced with a diagnosis of cancer, CJ brought a combination of expertise, clarity and encouragement that was not only unbelievably practical and helpful, it was really uplifting in my time of medical uncertainty and crisis. She reached into her network, the literature, and heaven knows where else, to find the best-fit specialists for me, and then was friendly but well-informed and persistent in getting them to take me on, to consider the very latest treatment options, and to work as a team — my team. Barbara O.

Once CJ became the Patient Advocate for my husband, Cordell, I could finally stop hovering, worrying, obsessing, and generally being a crazy person about the proper healthcare management for my beloved spouse.  At CJ’s first conversation with us to determine if she could help us with our health care concerns, I knew I could finally relax.  She quickly assessed our situation–which by the way, wasn’t typical as we wanted to know about the LATEST medical breakthroughs in orthopedic surgery from stem cell rebuilding to surgical advances to identifying the most talented orthopedic surgeons.  CJ then ACCOMPANIED Cordell on the appointments and together they asked the doctors all the hard questions. In short, our experience of having CJ as our health advocate, navigator, patient coach–whatever title you want to use–has been wonderful.  She is thorough, committed, clear, compassionate and strong.  I highly recommend that you consider her services if you need support in navigating your health care options.   Lonnie M.

 When a close friend was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, her first impulse was to be treated quickly and expediently. CJ helped her (and her supporting team) understand a larger picture of state of the art and quality of life options, as well as clear “one step at a time” coaching to help her through doctor’s appointments in a way that supported the long term roadmap that CJ helped her create. As someone who has often helped friends and family members solve health challenges, I could not have provided the same level of coaching and research that CJ provides for her clients, nor the confidence-building strategies that helped my friend partner with her medical team. Happily, more than 18 months post-diagnosis, my friend is thriving and remains cancer-free.
Linda L.

I was 54, self-employed, and in general good health when the recession hit and I had to drop my health insurance. Then a diagnosis of tongue cancer, and panic. A friend brought CJ in to help. Within a month I had a 12-hour surgery and 10-day hospitalization at one of the best hospitals in the country, then was enrolled in a clinical trial for chemo and radiation. How? CJ had her eyes on the prize the whole time (the best medical care available), then plotted a route to get me there. She analyzed systems and resumes, did research, schmoozed and recruited allies, and got them to care about saving my life. In the end, an obscure form of Medi-Cal covered all my costs, but it was CJ who convinced the hospital to treat me on an “approval pending” basis until it did. I owe my good odds for long life to CJ, and to the friend who introduced us.
Susan L.

When I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at a young age, I was shocked, scared and overwhelmed. CJ helped to clarify and prioritize treatment options best suited to my unique set of circumstances, and what I learned is that every cancer has a unique set of circumstances. I was able to participate in two leading-edge clinical trials, and CJ gave me great confidence in the treatment path to choose. She helped me really understand how to navigate through this journey much more educated, confidently and successfully. I felt like CJ was someone I could really lean into for support at a time when I needed it most.
Tania K.

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When I called on CJ to help me manage my 95-year-old mother’s diagnosis with metastatic melanoma, she guided us to define the outcome we wanted, and then pulled all the pieces together....
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