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The Active Patient Advantage is a blog that will help keep readers informed about medical issues relevant to managing their healthcare experience, with valuable insights on how to embrace the new era of “patient engagement”. Forthcoming topics: personalized medicine and you; your hospital stay and patient safety; things to ask your hospital care team–to avoid financial surprises; how to partner with doctors involved in your care; finding and working with patient advocates and health care navigators; and how to know you have found the right doctor.

The Top Tips feature brings you specific steps that you should consider in navigating your way through the medical system as an empowered patient, with a focus on building partnerships with your providers; getting the most out of your doctor’s appointments; medication and patient safety; creating conditions for success prior to surgery; and more.

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When I called on CJ to help me manage my 95-year-old mother’s diagnosis with metastatic melanoma, she guided us to define the outcome we wanted, and then pulled all the pieces together....
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