Unique Support Services

Among the services we provide:
  • Customized Roadmaps and Health Navigation Systems that help cancer patients navigate their cancer journeys with confidence and the best possible quality of life.
    • We provide a systems-based approach, creating a roadmap of your cancer journey; based on your personal preferences, we offer guidance and toolkits for building your support team, understanding your diagnosis and treatment options, creating your strategic and action plans, developing questions for your doctors, and identifying complementary care resources and quality of life enhancements.
  • Customized Roadmaps and Health Navigation Systems for chronic diseases and rare disorders: similar to the tools offered to cancer patients, but tailored to a client’s disorder or disease, their needs and desires.
    • Help with getting the correct diagnosis and management plan for chronic disease or a rare disorder;
  • “State of the Art” Research : to make sure that each client has all the information that they need to make fully informed decisions, based on the most relevant, up-to-date science;  and translating this into usable knowledge for the client;
  • Reviews of evidence-based treatment protocols as well as any applicable preliminary clinical research outcomes that could be useful;
  • Information about doctors and medical facilities, and their respective specialties;
  • Identification of doctors for second opinions;
  • Overviews of any applicable clinical trials for consideration;
  • Planning for doctor’s appointments, with comprehensive, tailored questions and clear goals;
    • We also attend doctors appointments, in person or by phone, and provide detailed notes and follow-up care summaries;
  • Outreach to financial counselors and insurance companies to solve billing and payment issues.
  • Patient Safety: Planning for a hospital stay, with a focus on what clients can do to create conditions for successful outcomes; additional steps that a client’s support team can take to enhance patient safety;
  • Help with the development and support of caregiver teams; and
  • Design and implementation of whole-health wellness plans.
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What Clients Have to Say
When I called on CJ to help me manage my 95-year-old mother’s diagnosis with metastatic melanoma, she guided us to define the outcome we wanted, and then pulled all the pieces together....
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